Te Timatanga Hou… A new beginning

Mike O'Donnell


Michael O’Donnell is one of those rare characters able to move from the world of nature and primordial language of ecology, to be in the classroom for children, university students, concert rooms or galleries where his exhibitions tell story from the ordinary (to the extraordinary).

He is a clay worker, vessel maker, sculptor, storyteller.

His curriculum vitae is testament to the diversity of his work and the commitment he makes to live that which he talks. Born Hamilton 1952 of Irish Anglosaxon descent, his work has long been supported by his Elders and most recently his installation at the Waikato Museum called ‘My Reply’ is a tribute to his journey back into his cultural inheritances. In 2012 he travelled to Ireland to be a part of a collaboration of Maori and Irish performers called ‘Green Fire Island’.

He has a deep belief in experiential learning, workshoping young people and community into a sense of identity and belonging. He resides not in the urban zone, but in the mountains and forests of Coromandel Hauraki beside his beloved stream Taraariki, which he acknowledges as his teacher
for the past 40 years.

Some know Michael as the ‘Waterman’. He has carried his clay water jars containing the waters of life to numerous parts of the world. He most recently appeared in the film documentary ‘The Water Whisperers’.


Sculpture Photography Giorgio SAcher Photography - Imagine the land project

Ekarasa Doblanovic

www.ekarasa.com   www.imaginetheland.org  

Ekarasa Doblanovic is a Italian/Croatian-born, New Zealand artist. Graduated in 2014 with Master Degree (Honours) in Visual Arts from Auckland University of Technology. Her creative practice encompasses painting and installation with collaborative and participatory projects "Imagine the Land", working across New Zealand and Australia as well as internationally.

Doblanovic's works embody a strong sense of materiality in which the tactile and haptic quality of colour and organic earth materials heighten the sensation and affect of colour and its material nature. She uses pure pigments and fabricates her own colours to activate a consideration of colour in its truest state as the primary voice of her works, above form and composition. Additionally, her work investigates the collaborative and participatory where notions of space, ecology, impermanence and human interactions are explored with the aim to create an empathetic interaction between people, art and nature.